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Control Numbernlp00361446
Date and Time of Latest Transaction20091229141333.0
General Information991208s1980|||| eng
Cataloging SourceNLP
Dewey Decimal Classification NumberFil 920.Ou8 1980
Title StatementOutstanding leaders of the Philippines
Physical Description-v. ; ports. ; 23 cm
General NoteLib has vols. for 1980
Subject Added Entry - Personal NameAbat, Fortunato U. -- Biography
 Abellera, Samuel O. -- Biography
 Abello, Emilio M., Sr. -- Biography
 Abello, Jose Ma. -- Biography
 Abello, Manuel G. -- Biography
 Abreu, Belen H. -- Biography
 Acosta, Antonio N. -- Biography
 Adamson, Lucas George -- Biography
 Adriano, Lope E. -- Biography
 Adriano, Reynaldo A. -- Biography
 Agbayani, Aguedo F. -- Biography
 Agcaoili, Alfonso V. -- Biography
 Agrava, Corazon J. -- Biography
 Agustin, Leovillo C. -- Biography
 Agustines, Manuel U. -- Biography
 Alabastro, Edgardo G. -- Biography
 Alafriz, Arturo A. -- Biography
 Alampay, Nestor B. -- Biography
 Alba, Manuel S. -- Biography
 Albano, Reneo A. -- Biography
 Albarracin, Magdaleno B., Jr. -- Biography
 Albarracin, Narciso B. -- Biography
 Alberto, Jose M. -- Biography
 Alcala, Anacleto C -- Biography
 Alcantara, Conrado -- Biography
 Alcantara, Nicasio I. -- Biography
 Aldaba, Dalisay J. -- Biography
 Aldaba-Lim, Estefania -- Biography
 Alejandrino, Jose M. -- Biography
 Alfon, Estrella D. -- Biography
 Alicbusan, Leopoldo C. -- Biography
 Alindada, Carlos R. -- Biography
 Alinea, Amadeo G. -- Biography
 Alinea, Estanislao G., Jr. -- Biography
 Almazor, Pedro M. -- Biography
 Almendras, Alejandro D. -- Biography
 Alvarez-Recio, Emilio -- Biography
 Alvenida, Carmelino G. -- Biography
 Amador, Zeneida A. -- Biography
 Amante, Edelmiro A. -- Biography
 Anastacio, Roberto V -- Biography
 Ancheta, Herminia M. -- Biography
 Ancheta, Reuben B. -- Biography
 Andaya, Antonio P. -- Biography
 Ang Ping, Felix -- Biography
 Ang Ping, Jerry -- Biography
 Ang, Ting Ling -- Biography
 Angeles, Edgardo H. -- Biography
 Anonuevo, Manuel G. -- Biography
 Antonio, Adelbert W. -- Biography
 Antonio, Felix Q. -- Biography
 Antonio, Gaudencio W., Jr. -- Biography
 Antonio, Rufino D. -- Biography
 Aquino, Carolina G. -- Biography
 Aquino, Conrado P. -- Biography
 Aquino, Melchor P. -- Biography
 Aquino, Ramon C. -- Biography
 Aquino, Rogelio A. -- Biography
 Aragon, Gloria T. -- Biography
 Arambulo, Joaquin S. -- Biography
 Arambulo, Miguel L., Sr. -- Biography
 Araneta, J. Antonio -- Biography
 Araneta, Johnny M. -- Biography
 Araneta, Jorge L. -- Biography
 Araneta, Luis Ma. -- Biography
 Araque, Pablo A. -- Biography
 Arellano, Otilio A. -- Biography
 Arguelles, Carlos D. -- Biography
 Armovit, Raymundo A. -- Biography
 Arnaldo, Rafael A. -- Biography
 Arreglado, Juan. -- Biography
 Ascalon, Policarpio L. -- Biography
 Aspiras, Jose D. -- Biography
 Asuncion, Elias B. -- Biography
 Atienza, Arturo B. -- Biography
 Atizado, Adrian A. -- Biography
 Avecilla, Antonio N. -- Biography
 Avellana, Daisy H. -- Biography
 Avellana, Lamberto V. -- Biography
 Aventura, Avenilo P. -- Biography
 Ayala, Jesus V. -- Biography
 Ayllon, Vicente R -- Biography
 Aytona, Dominador R -- Biography
 Azurin, Jesus C. -- Biography
 Babst, Chester G. -- Biography
 Bacungan, Froilan M. -- Biography
 Bagatsing, Ramon D -- Biography
 Balatbat, Marcelo S. -- Biography
 Balgos, Marcial O. T. -- Biography
 Balmori, Rodolfo C. -- Biography
 Banson, Onofre B. -- Biography
 Barba, Ramon C. -- Biography
 Barbero, Carmelo Z. -- Biography
 Barcelon, Augusto M. -- Biography
 Barredo, Jose M. -- Biography
 Barrera, Oscar A. -- Biography
 Barrera, Sergio A. -- Biography
 Barretto, Eduardo M. -- Biography
 Barretto, Jose M. -- Biography
 Barretto, Gregory T. -- Biography
 Barrios, Victor S. -- Biography
 Bartolome, Zoilo M. -- Biography
 Batalla, Apolonio M. -- Biography
 Bautista, Constantino -- Biography
 Bautista, Mary C. -- Biography
 Bauza, Teodolfo G. -- Biography
 Belen, Minerva I. -- Biography
 Bella, Rodrigo H. -- Biography
 Belo, Enrique M. -- Biography
 Benedicto, Julita C. -- Biography
 Benedicto, Roberto S. -- Biography
 Bengzon, Jose F.S. -- Biography
 Bengzon, Jose P. -- Biography
 Benitez, Helena Z -- Biography
 Benitez, Jose Conrado B. -- Biography
 Bernardino, Felicita G. -- Biography
 Bigornia, Jesus E. -- Biography
 Billote, Juanito H. -- Biography
 Blaylock, Concepcion F. -- Biography
 Bonoan, Martin P. -- Biography
 Borromeo, Jesus N. -- Biography
 Botelho, Luisita P. -- Biography
 Braga, Agapito S. -- Biography
 Brasseur, William -- Biography
 Brimo, Henry Anthony -- Biography
 Brinas, Amado R. -- Biography
 Briones, Abraham F. -- Biography
 Buenaventura, Antonio -- Biography
 Buenaventura, Cesar A. -- Biography
 Buenaventura, Guillermo R. -- Biography
 Busran, Mama D. -- Biography
 Cabangbang, Bartolome C. -- Biography
 Cabanos, Esteban B. -- Biography
 Cabarrus, Jacob E. -- Biography
 Cabarrus, Jesus S. -- Biography
 Cabochan, Gerardo P. -- Biography
 Cabrera, Benjamin D. -- Biography
 Caccam, Pio E. -- Biography
 Calalang, Alfonso -- Biography
 Calderon, Felipe P. -- Biography
 Callejo, Carlos S. -- Biography
 Camacho, Mario D. -- Biography
 Camara, Augusto A. -- Biography
 Campos, Cesar V. -- Biography
 Campos, Paulo C. -- Biography
 Campos, Ramon K. -- Biography
 Camus, Quirico S. -- Biography
 Canlas, Aber P. -- Biography
 Canlas, Paterno R. -- Biography
 Canoy, Reuben R. -- Biography
 Canso, Leticia E. -- Biography
 Caparas, M. A. T. -- Biography
 Caram, Fermin Z., Jr. -- Biography
 Carangal, Virgilio R. -- Biography
 Carceller, Jose Ramon -- Biography
 Cardenas, Ramon B. -- Biography
 Carlos, Juan J. -- Biography
 Caro, Carmen P. -- Biography
 Carpio, Augusto Y. -- Biography
 Carpio, Jose A. -- Biography
 Carpo, Morris G. -- Biography
 Casimiro, Alfonso V. -- Biography
 Castaneda, Constancio E. -- Biography
 Castillo, Andres V. -- Biography
 Castillo, Bellaflor A -- Biography
 Castillo, Gregorio R. -- Biography
 Castrillo,Eduardo -- Biography
 Castro, Dakila F. -- Biography
 Castro, Isabelo R. -- Biography
 Castro, Jones M., Jr. -- Biography
 Castro, Jose L. -- Biography
 Castro, Pacifico A. -- Biography
 Catan, Gonzalo D., Jr. -- Biography
 Catenza, Graciano P., Jr. -- Biography
 Catolico, Paz M. -- Biography
 Catubig, Luis C. -- Biography
 Cauton, Lucas V. -- Biography
 Cayabyab, Raymundo P. -- Biography
 Cendana, Gregorio S. -- Biography
 Cenzon, Pedro D. -- Biography
 Cervantes, Francisco N. -- Biography
 Cervantes, Modesto N. -- Biography
 Chan, Antonio -- Biography
 Chan, Jose Mari L. -- Biography
 Chikiamco, Paterno S. -- Biography
 Ching, Esperanza R. -- Biography
 Chiong, Daniel -- Biography
 Chu, Carlos B.T. -- Biography
 Chua, Ramon L. -- Biography
 Chua, Santos C. -- Biography
 Chua, Vicente L. -- Biography
 Chuason, Samuel S. -- Biography
 Cinches, Miguel C. -- Biography
 Cinco, Jovencio F. -- Biography
 Clave, Jacobo C. -- Biography
 Clemente, Arturo O. -- Biography
 Climaco, Cesar C. -- Biography
 Co Liong Giok -- Biography
 Co Liong Sian -- Biography
 Co, Ramon Y. -- Biography
 Collantes, Manuel. -- Biography
 Comia, Julian M. -- Biography
 Concepcion, Hermogenes Jr., -- Biography
 Concepcion, Jose S., Jr. -- Biography
 Concio, Cesar R., Jr. -- Biography
 Concon, Gregorio A. -- Biography
 Congco, Eliodoro D. -- Biography
 Consing, Francisco T. -- Biography
 Constantino, Antonio F. -- Biography
 Consunji, David M. -- Biography
 Consunji, Isidro A. -- Biography
 Consunji, Victor A. -- Biography
 Coquia, Jorge R. -- Biography
 Cordero, Paciente A. -- Biography
 Coronado, Eustaquio D. -- Biography
 Cortes, Irene R. -- Biography
 Cortez, Justiniano P -- Biography
 Coseteng, Emerson T. -- Biography
 Crisol, Jose M. -- Biography
 Cristobal, Adrian E. -- Biography
 Cruces, Francisco R. -- Biography
 Cruz, Cesar C. -- Biography
 Cruz, Felipe F. -- Biography
 Cruz, Jose A. -- Biography
 Cruz, Jose V., Jr. -- Biography
 Cruz, Lourdes J. -- Biography
 Cruz, Lourdes L. -- Biography
 Cruz, Pedro M. -- Biography
 Cruz, Roman A., Jr. -- Biography
 Cue, Ernesto M. -- Biography
 Cuenca, Roberto S. -- Biography
 Cuenca, Rodolfo M. -- Biography
 Cuneta, Pablo P. -- Biography
 Cuyegkeng, Andres -- Biography
 Cuyegkeng, Jose -- Biography
 Dacanay, Jaime C. -- Biography
 Dalusong, Antonio C. -- Biography
 Dans, Jose P., Jr. -- Biography
 Darvin, Perfecto T. -- Biography
 Datumanong, Simeon A -- Biography
 Dayrit, Conrado S -- Biography
 Daza, Gabriel A -- Biography
 De Aboitiz, Cosme Ma. -- Biography
 De Castro, Pacifico P. -- Biography
 Dee, Francisco B. -- Biography
 Dee, Peter S. -- Biography
 Dee, Robert -- Biography
 Dee, Ronald G. -- Biography
 De Guzman, Leticia P -- Biography
 De Guzman, Sixto T.J., Jr. -- Biography
 De Ibazeta, Juan -- Biography
 De Jesus, Bienvenido C. -- Biography
 De Leon, Augusto L. -- Biography
 De Leon, Felipe P. -- Biography
 De Leon, Jorge L. -- Biography
 De Leon, Medina L. -- Biography
 Delgado, Antonio C. -- Biography
 De Luzuriaga, Caludio R., Jr. -- Biography
 De Luzuriaga, Eduardo R. -- Biography
 De Ocampo, Geminiano T -- Biography
 De Ocampo, Jose V. -- Biography
 De Ocampo, Pacifico -- Biography
 De Santos, Alejandro F. -- Biography
 De Venecia, Jose Jr -- Biography
 De Venecia, Oscar C. -- Biography
 De Veyra, Jesus R. -- Biography
 De Villa, Alberto F. -- Biography
 De Villa, Cecilio S. -- Biography
 Mundo, Fe del. -- Biography
Subject Added Entry - Topical TermMen -- Biography
 Women -- Biography
Subject Added Entry - Geographic NamePhilippines -- Biography
Added Entry - Personal NameRomulo, Carlos P.
 Nivera, Carlos F.
Added Entry - Corporate NameAsia Research Systems, Inc
Textual Physical Form DesignatorBook
LocationNLP Filipiniana General Book T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila Fil 920 Ou8 1980 ph 920 Ou8 1980 25252fd NLP 513072
 NLP Filipiniana General Book T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila Fil 920 Ou8 1980 ph 920 Ou8 1980 29708fd NLP 513073
 NLP Filipiniana General Book T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila Fil 920 Ou8 1980 ph 920 Ou8 1980 43718f NLP 513074
 NLP Filipiniana General Book T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila Fil 920 Ou8 1980 ph 920 Ou8 1980 44331f NLP 513075
 NLP Filipiniana General Book T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila Fil 920 Ou8 1980 ph 920 Ou8 1980 44332f NLP 513076
 NLP Filipiniana General Book T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila Fil 920 Ou8 1980 ph 920 Ou8 1980 44333f NLP 513077
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National Library of the Philippines
National Library of the Philippines920 / Ou8
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