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  Book Leading Filipino women.

by Ancheta, Herminia M.; 1953.

Subject: Abiertas, Josefa. -- Biography; Alonzo, Teodora -- Biography; Aquino, Melchora -- Biography; Avelino, Librada -- Biography; Carpena, Maria -- Biography.

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  Book Women of distinction : biographical essays on outstanding Filipino women of the past and the present.

[S.l.]: Bukang Liwayway, 1967.

Subject: Abiertas, Josefa. -- Biography; Abila, Raymunda Guidote -- Biography; Agoncillo, Marcela -- Biography; Aguila, Concepcion A. -- Biography; Aldaba, Dalisay J. -- Biography; Alonzo, Teodora -- Biography; Alvero, Rosa S. -- Biography; Alzona, Encarnacion A. -- Biography; Aquino, Francisca R. -- Biography; Ayala, Margarita Roxas de. -- Biography; Benitez, Francisca T. -- Biography; Benitez, Helena Z -- Biography; Cailles, Jacinta De -- Biography; Castrence, Pura S -- Biography; Concordia, Nelia M. -- Biography; Women -- Philippines -- Biography.

Relevance: 25.09%
  Book 100 taon : 100 Filipina sa digmaan at sa kapayapaan.

[Quezon City: SBA Printers], 2000.

Subject: Abiertas, Josefa. -- Biography; Aguila, Concepcion. -- Biography; Aguinaldo, Hilaria del Rosario. -- Biography; Alzona, Encarnacion A. -- Biography; Ambrosio, Josefina P. -- Biography; Aquino, Francisca R. -- Biography; Aquino, Melchora -- Biography; Aquino, Valentina B. -- Biography; Arida, Violeta P. -- Biography; Asistio, Asuncion A. -- Biography; Avelino, Librada M. -- Biography; Avellana, Daisy H. -- Biography; Bai Hadji Fatima Matabay Plang -- Biography; Balboa, Fernanda S. -- Biography; Barretto, Beatrice "Charley" -- Biography; Belardo, Luz O. -- Biography; Benitez, Francisca T. -- Biography; Benitez, Helena Z -- Biography; Capati, Dominga -- Biography; Capistrano, Josefa B. -- Biography; Carpena, Maria -- Biography; Catolico, Paz M. -- Biography; Concha, Jesusa -- Biography; De Alvero, Rosa S. -- Biography; De Araneta, Victoria L -- Biography; De Ayala, Margarita R. -- Biography; De Jesus, Gregoria -- Biography; De Luna, Carmen -- Biography; De Ortigas, Julia V. -- Biography; De Peralta, Enriqueta -- Biography; De Veyra, Sofia R. -- Biography; De Villavicencio, Gliceria M. -- Biography; Mundo, Fe del. -- Biography; Women -- Philippines -- Biography; Women in war -- Philippines.

Relevance: 23.77%
  Book Sulong Pilipina! sulong Pilipinas : a compilation of Filipino women centennial awardees.

Manila: National Centennial Commission-Women Sector, 1999.

Subject: Abiertas, Josefa. -- Biography; Ablan, Manuela R. -- Biography; Agrava, Corazon J. -- Biography; Alabado, Ceres S.C. -- Biography; Albert, Leticia T. -- Biography; Alconcel, Soledad A. -- Biography; Alday, Lucina C. -- Biography; Alfon, Estrella D. -- Biography; Almeda-Lopez, Natividad -- Biography; Almirante, Corazon Y. -- Biography; Alpas, Rosalina M. -- Biography; Altuna, Marina D. -- Biography; Alvero, Rosa S. -- Biography; Alzate, Lea B. -- Biography; Alzona, Encarnacion A. -- Biography; Ambrosio, Josefina P. -- Biography; Ambubuyog, Roselle -- Biography; Anitan, Conegunda -- Biography; Antonio, Magnolia W. -- Biography; Aquino, Corazon C -- Biography; Aquino, Melchora -- Biography; Aquino, Sonia -- Biography; Aranilla, Leticia B. -- Biography; Arceo, Liwayway A. -- Biography; Arevalo, Natividad S. -- Biography; Asensio, Fides S. -- Biography; Aunor, Nora -- Biography; Avellana, Daisy H. -- Biography; Avencilla, Angeles M. -- Biography; Azurin, Matilde G. -- Biography; Baduel, Concesa M. -- Biography; Bagatsing, Juanita S. -- Biography; Balbon, Rosa B. -- Biography; Bamba, Agustina R. -- Biography; Barbers,Regina Z. -- Biography; Barredo, Maniya -- Biography; Barros, Maria Lorena -- Biography; Bausa, Griselda Justiniana G. -- Biography; Bauzon, Ma. Josefina V. -- Biography; Belardo, Luz O. -- Biography; Benitez, Francisca T. -- Biography; Benitez, Helena Z -- Biography; Benitez, Joanna De Asis. -- Biography; Benitez, Regina G. -- Biography; Bitanga, Rosario De Lara -- Biography; Bondoc, Rosario D. -- Biography; Bonicillo, Amparo Q. -- Biography; Braid, Florangel R. -- Biography; Buduy, Kahhimngan P. -- Biography; Cagulada, Ma.Agripina B. -- Biography; Caniza, Corazon A. -- Biography; Capistrano, Josefa B. -- Biography; Carino, Maria Luisa A. -- Biography; Carpena, Maria Evangelista -- Biography; Castillo, Gelia T. -- Biography; Castrence, Pura S -- Biography; Castro, Nieves P. -- Biography; Chiongbian, Felisa Y. -- Biography; Clavano,Natividad R. -- Biography; Climaco, Isabel C. -- Biography; Cojuangco, Lualhati A. -- Biography; Cortejo, Dorie D. -- Biography; Cortes, Irene R. -- Biography; Coo, Bong -- Biography; Coseteng, Anna Dominique -- Biography; Crisologo, Carmeling P. -- Biography; Crisologo, Ernestina L. -- Biography; David, Katrina C. -- Biography; De Ayala, Margarita R. -- Biography; De Castro, Socorro G. -- Biography; De Dios, Aurora J. -- Biography; Defensor, Miriam S. -- Biography; De Guzman, Leticia P -- Biography; De Guzman, Susana C. -- Biography; De Guzman, Vision H. -- Biography; De Jesus, Gregoria -- Biography; De Leon, Corazon Alma G. -- Biography; De Leon, Medina L. -- Biography; De Leon, Narcisa B. -- Biography; Deles, Teresita Q. -- Biography; Delmendo, Medina M. -- Biography; De Veyra, Sofia R. -- Biography; Del Espiritu Santo, Francisca -- Biography; Del Mundo, Fe V. -- Biography; Women -- Awards -- Biography.

Relevance: 16.92%
  Book Filipino writers in English : a biographical and bibliographical directory.

by Valeros, Florentino B.; Quezon City: New Day Pub., 1987.

Subject: Abiertas, Josefa. -- Biography; Acas, Olivia -- Biography; Acosta, Carmen S. Herrera. -- Biography; Afable, Fernando -- Biography; Afuang, Benjamin V. -- Biography; Agcaoili, Teofilo D. -- Biography; Agoncillo, Teodoro A. -- Biography; Aguilar, Celedonio G. -- Biography; Aguilar, Jose V. -- Biography; Alabado, Ceres S.C. -- Biography; Albalos, Edward. -- Biography; Albert, Socorro O. -- Biography; Albis, Abelardo S. -- Biography; Alcantara, Benjamin P. -- Biography; Alcantara, Santiago -- Biography; Aldana, Benigno. -- Biography; Alegra, Edilberto -- Biography; Alegre, Juan H. -- Biography; Alfon, Estrella D. -- Biography; Alip, Eufronio M. -- Biography; Almagro, Urias -- Biography; Alvero, Aurelio S. -- Biography; Alzona, Encarnacion A. -- Biography; Amigo, Cesar J. -- Biography; Amper, Rene E. -- Biography; Ancheta, Herminia. -- Biography; Anden, Angel C. -- Biography; Angeles, Carlos A. -- Biography; Angliongto, Jose L. -- Biography; Aprieto, Pacifico N. -- Biography; Aquino, Cesar C. -- Biography; Aquitania, Desiderio F. -- Biography; Arago, Jorge -- Biography; Araneta, Salvador -- Biography; Arcega, Mar B. -- Biography; Arcellana, Francisco A. -- Biography; Arcenas, Fernando R. -- Biography; Arquilla, Lydia V. -- Biography; Arquilla, Manuel E. -- Biography; Arrazola, Claro S. -- Biography; Arzaga, Theresa M. -- Biography; Aruego, Jose M. -- Biography; Asis, Ricardo V. -- Biography; Asuncion, Amparo R. -- Biography; Austria, Jimena E. -- Biography; Avena, M. R. -- (Mauro R.), -- 1937- -- Biography; Ayala, Jose V. -- Biography; Ayala, Tita L -- Biography; Azurin, Arnaldo M. -- Biography; Babst, Arlene. -- Biography; Balingit, Jesus Estrada. -- Biography; Baltasar, Silverio S. -- Biography; Baltazar, Rita G. -- Biography; Banas, Raymundo C. -- Biography; Bantug, Jose -- Biography; Baradi, Mauro. -- Biography; Basa, Ernesto Q. -- Biography; Batacan, Delfin Fl. -- Biography; Baterina, Margot J. -- Biography; Bautista, Benjamin S. -- Biography; Bautista, Cirilo F. -- Biography; Bautista, Jose P. -- Biography; Bautista, Magdalena B. -- Biography; Belen, Hermogenes F. -- Biography; Bayot, Antonio O. -- Biography; Beltran, Herminio Sr. -- Biography; Beltran, Carlos G. -- Biography; Beltran, Herminio Jr. -- Biography; Benesa, Leonidas V. -- Biography; Benitez, Alfredo F. -- Biography; Benitez,Conrado F. -- Biography; Benitez,Paz M. -- Biography; Berbano, Mariano -- Biography; Bernal, Salvador F. -- Biography; Bernard, Miguel A. -- Biography; Bernardino, Vitaliano. -- Biography; Berthelsen, Nita U -- Biography; Bigornia, Amante E. -- Biography; Bocobo, Jorge C -- Biography; Bonifacio, Amelia L. -- Biography; Bonifacio, Armando F. -- Biography; Boquiren, Tomas P. -- Biography; Borje, Consorcio B. -- Biography; Brillantes, Gregorio C. -- Biography; Braken, Manuel -- Biography; Buenafe, Manuel E. -- Biography; Bulosan, Carlos S -- Biography; Bunao, Godofredo B. -- Biography; Bunag, Daniel M -- Biography; Bustos, Felixberto G. -- Biography; Cabalquito, Luis -- Biography; Cabaluna, Franklin D. -- Biography; Cabanos, Josefa L. -- Biography; Cacnio, Leopoldo N. -- Biography; Caesar, Macario E. -- Biography; Calalang, Casiano T. -- Biography; Calderon, Aurelio B. -- Biography; Camacho, Renato C. -- Biography; Cancio, Clemente G. -- Biography; Canonizado, Carlito M. -- Biography; Canoy, Reuben R. -- Biography; Carag, Pedro C. -- Biography; Carbonell, Rolando A. -- Biography; Carpio, Rustica C. -- Biography; Carreon, Jose N. -- Biography; Carunungan, Celso Al. -- Biography; Casper, Linda T. -- Biography; Castillo, Guillermo G. -- Biography; Castrence, Pura S -- Biography; Castro, Fernando G., Sr. -- Biography; Castro, Fred R. -- Biography; Castro, Jose L. -- Biography; Castro, Natividad H. -- Biography; Casuga, Albert B. -- Biography; Catangjal, Augusto C. -- Biography; Ceniza, Claro R. -- Biography; Centina, Gilbert Luis III R. -- Biography; Chanco, Mario P. . -- Biography; Collas, J. -- (Juan) -- Biography; Concepcion, Marcela De Gracia -- Biography; Constantino, Josefina D. -- Biography; Constantino, Renato R. -- Biography; Cordero, Narciso. -- Biography; Coronel, Hilario L. -- Biography; Corpus, Clara O. -- Biography; Coscolluela, Elsa M. -- Biography; Crisostomo, Isabelo T. -- Biography; Cristobal, Adrian E. -- Biography; Cruz, Andres C. -- Biography; Cruz, Emilio A -- Biography; Cruz, Ines C. -- Biography; Cruz, Isaac C., Jr. -- Biography; Cruz, Isagani R. -- Biography; Cuneca, Alfredo O., Jr. -- Biography; Cuadra, Jolico -- Biography; Curioso, Nehemias A. -- Biography; Dacanay, Amadeo R. -- Biography; Dacanay, Julian E., Jr. -- Biography; Da Costa, Rafael Z. -- Biography; Daguio, Amador T. -- Biography; Dallo, Delfin S. -- Biography; Daroy, Ester V. -- Biography; Daroy, Petronilo Bn. -- Biography; Dato, Luis G. -- Biography; Dauz, Florentino S. -- Biography; David, Armando R. -- Biography; Dayrit, Amando G. -- Biography; Dayrit, Joy T -- Biography; De Castro, Fidel -- Biography; Jesus, Angel G. de. -- Biography; De Jesus, Felicidad C. -- Biography; De Leon, Felipe P. -- Biography; De Ungria, Ricardo M. -- Biography; De Vega, Guillermo C. -- Biography; De Veyra, Sofia R. -- Biography; De Zuniga, Oscar R. -- Biography; Del Castillo, Jose T. -- Biography; Del Castillo, Teofilo T. -- Biography; Del Fierro, Vicente L -- Biography; Delfino, Adriano G. -- Biography.

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