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  Book Know them : a book of biographies.

Manila: Dotela Pub., 1966.

Subject: Abendante, Pedro S. -- Biography; Ablan, Federico B. -- Biography; Ablao, Bruno G. -- .Biography; Acebedo, Felix B. -- Biography; Agalos, Wilfredo B. -- Biography; Aguiluz, Amable M. -- Biography; Aguinaldo, Emilio. -- Biography; Alberto, Jose M. -- Biography; Ali, Gomanpong D. -- Biography; Almendras, Alejandro D. -- Biography; Alvarez, Pacifico -- Biography; Amadora, Jose S. -- Biography; Amoranto, Norberto B. -- Biography; Andolong, Nereo C. -- Biography; Andrion, Emilio C. -- Biography; Angel, Michael G. -- Biography; Apilado, Florencio L. -- Biography; Aquino, Jose B. -- Biography; Asis, Dominador D. -- Biography; Asistio, Macario B. -- Biography; Aspe, Jacobo S. -- Biography; Awisan, Gregorio B. -- Biography; Bagalay, Dimiano O. -- Biography; Bengzon, Cesar -- Biography; Benitez, Helena -- Biography; Besa, Mamerto B. -- Biography; Bonifacio, Andres -- Biography; Borja, Juan V. -- Biography; Brimo, Henry a. -- Biography; Bringes, Simplicio -- Biography; Buenavista, Rodolfo G. -- Biography; Cabanos, Esteban B. -- Biography; Calantan, Augustus P. -- Biography; Calderon, Cicero D. -- Biography; Caliwara, Eladio A. -- Biography; Castillo, Bienvenido. -- Biography; Castro, Fred R. -- Biography; Cerezo, Gregorio -- Biography; Cerilles, Vicente M. -- Biography; Chung, Joaquin G. Jr -- Biography; Clemente, Andres Jr., -- Biography; Concepcion, Roberto -- Biography; Concordia, Manuel A. -- Biography; Conde, Adam B. -- Biography; Dalupan, Francisco T -- Biography; Universities and colleges -- Philippines. -- Directories; Philippines -- Biography; Philippines -- Presidents -- Biographies; Philippines(Republic) Congress -- Directories; Philippines -- Officials and employee -- Biographies.

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  Book Bicol biographical encyclopedia.


Subject: Abina, Rosita I. -- Biography; Abiog, Pedro A. -- Biography; Abiog, Justiniano E. -- Biography; Abonal, Esteban R. -- Biography; Abonal, Felipe D. -- Biography; Abonales, Pedro R. -- Biography; Abordo, Gregorio B. -- Biography; Abragan, Ernesto O. -- Biography; Abrigo, Azur A. -- Biography; Abrigo, Jose -- Biography; Abundo, Alfredo V. -- Biography; Abundo, Henrietta R. -- Biography; Abundo, Sisinando T. -- Biography; Acantilado, Gerardo B. -- Biography; Ada, Felicidad T. -- Biography; Adan, Mercedes B. -- Biography; Adan, Semion F. -- Biography; Adille, Remedios V. -- Biography; Adolfo, Jose B. -- Biography; Adornado, Solomon B. -- Biography; Adrados, Potenciana E. -- Biography; Adriano, Ricardo C. -- Biography; Agarap, Elsa C. -- Biography; Agawa, Gerardo C. -- Biography; Agawa, Salvador D. -- Biography; Aglugub, Rizalina S. -- Biography; Agna, Virginia S. -- Biography; Agnas, Pompio B. -- Biography; Agnas, Vivencia B. -- Biography; Agoma, Jaime D. -- Biography; Agravante, Tranquilino C. -- Biography; Agripa, Ermie T. -- Biography; Agtarap, Nellie A. -- Biography; Aguila, Celso P. -- Biography; Aguilar, Estrella S -- Biography; Aguirre, Remedios M. -- Biography; Ailes, Alicia A. -- Biography; Ailes, Marcelo P. -- Biography; Ajusto, Francisco P. -- Biography; Alanis, Eddie P. -- Biography; Alarcon, Salvador R. -- Biography; Alba, Agaton C. -- Biography; Albeus, Domingo C. -- Biography; Albeus, Gloria R. -- Biography; Albino, Ceferino -- Biography; Albus, Nicanor C. -- Biography; Alcala, Salvador D. -- Biography; Alcantara, Alfredo A. -- Biography; Alcantara, Domingo A. -- Biography; Alcoba, Felisa B. -- Biography; Aldana, Perla M. -- Biography; Alde, Bernardo B. -- Biography; Aldecoa, Luis M. -- Biography; Alerta, Eusebio M. -- Biography; Alfelor, Ciriaco R. -- Biography; Alfelor, Felix Q., Jr. -- Biography; Alfelor, Remedios R. -- Biography; Alindogan, Carlota L. -- Biography; Alipante, Adela -- Biography; Alipante, Rolando L. -- Biography; Almazan, Pablo D. -- Biography; Almoite, Gavina A. -- Biography; Almonte, Antonio V. -- Biography; Almoradie, Nellie C. -- Biography; Alonzo, Veronica A. -- Biography; Alparan, Severino A. -- Biography; Alparan, Vicente A. -- Biography; Alsisto, Fernando -- Biography; Altamirano, Lydia T. -- Biography; Altarejos, Caesar C. -- Biography; Alteza, Guillermo L. -- Biography; Alteza, Jesus T. -- Biography; Alteza, Jose T. -- Biography; Alto, Jose G. -- Biography; Alvarez, Felisa A. -- Biography; Alvarez, Paz P. -- Biography; Ama, Angeles A. -- Biography; Amanse, Juan A. -- Biography; Amante, Juan V. -- Biography; Amaranto, Rustica P. -- Biography; Amoranto, Belen T. -- Biography; An, Purita Sy. -- Biography; Anciano, Rosalde A. -- Biography; Andres, Norma V. -- Biography; Anes, Ancelmo A. -- Biography; Anes, Pedro P. -- Biography; Angeles, Paz T. -- Biography; Anonuevo, Gloria S. -- Biography; Ansay, Roselyn H. -- Biography; Ante, Elizabeth A. -- Biography; Antero, Antonio J. -- Biography; Antero, Lina B. -- Biography; Antonio, Adelaida S. -- Biography; Antonio, Severino R. -- Biography; Anzano, Jose L. -- Biography; Apetrior, Jaime B. -- Biography; Aquino, Flordelito L. -- Biography; Aquino, Maximiano L. -- Biography; Aracosta, Editha M. -- Biography; Aragon, Magdalena A. -- Biography; Arana, Reparada B. -- Biography; Arce, Antonio A. -- Biography; Arcega, Antonio R. -- Biography; Arcilla, Abundio L. -- Biography; Arcenue, Anacleto M. -- Biography; Arcilla, Gloria M. -- Biography; Arcilla, Pablo S. -- Biography; Arcilla, Salvador L. -- Biography; Ardales, Efren E. -- Biography; Arejola, Lorenzo B., Jr. -- Biography; Arellano, Alfredo F. -- Biography; Arellano, Helen F. -- Biography; Arevalo, Alfonso O. -- Biography; Argarin, Santiago S. -- Biography; Arias, Bienvenido A. -- Biography; Arines, Carmen S. -- Biography; Ariola, Mariano M. -- Biography; Arjona, Ernesto S. -- Biography; Arlante, Delia P. -- Biography; Arnau, Arturo M. -- Biography; Arroyo, Socorro R. -- Biography; Arseno, Eutiquia B. -- Biography; Arzadon, Constantino B. -- Biography; Asanza, Salud S. -- Biography; Aserdano, Edwin O. -- Biography; Asido, Benjamin O. -- Biography; Asis, Nestor A. -- Biography; Asor, Jael Perla P. -- Biography; Aspe, Corazon C. -- Biography; Asusano, Edicia E. -- Biography; Aton, Restituto B. -- Biography; Atutubo, Vicencio V. -- Biography; Audian, Buena San Buenaventura -- Biography; Audian, Mario Llagas -- Biography; Aurellano, Patria B. -- Biography; Aurellano, Solomon A. -- Biography; Auste, Artemio T. -- Biography; Austero, Elias C. -- Biography; Austero, Maria Chavez -- Biography; Austria, Andres A. -- Biography; Avellana, Benjamin A. -- Biography; Avellana, Gilda I. -- Biography; Avellana, Gregoria I. -- Biography; Avellana, Ines R. -- Biography; Aven, Ireneo C. -- Biography; Avenilla, Josefa R. -- Biography; Averilla, Eleodoro R. -- Biography; Avila, Sixto F. -- Biography; Ayen, Marcial A. -- Biography; Ayo, Justina C. -- Biography; Azana, Evelyn F. -- Biography; Azurias, Zosimo B. -- Biography; Babao, Buenaventura P. -- Biography; Babia, Conchita R. -- Biography; Babol, Lydia O. -- Biography; Bachiller, Ricardo Sr. -- Biography; Badilla, Leonor C. -- Biography; Badilla, Simeon E. -- Biography; Badiola, Adolfo R. -- Biography; Badiola, Aurora R. -- Biography; Badiola, Delfin B. -- Biography; Badiong, Delfin B. -- Biography; Badiong, Julio B. -- Biography; Badong, Julio S. -- Biography; Badong, Martin P. -- Biography; Badong, Ramon P. -- Biography; Badong, Vicente B. -- Biography; Baesa, Catalina -- Biography; Bagagnan, Antonio C. -- Biography; Baking, Rodolfo Y. -- Biography; Balababa, Isabelo R. -- Biography; Balagot, Arthur P. -- Biography; Balares, Corazon T. -- Biography; Balatucan, Fermo R. -- Biography; Balbas, Natividad T. -- Biography; Baldoza, Sofronio B. -- Biography; Baleta, Alfredo B. -- Biography; Balictar, Soledad S. -- Biography; Balila, Mariano M. -- Biography; Baliza, Fe R. -- Biography; Ballano, Laureano B. -- Biography; Ballares, Ramon -- Biography; Ballecer, Antonina L. -- Biography; Ballesteros, Lucia B. -- Biography; Balmaceda, Caridad V. -- Biography; Balmaceda, Josefa A. -- Biography; Balon, Ernesto V. -- Biography; Balute, Angelina B. -- Biography; Bamba, Rex M. -- Biography; Banadera, Jesus B. -- Biography; Banaga, Ciriaco V. -- Biography; Banares, Juana R. -- Biography; Banares, Saturnina B. -- Biography; Banares, Valentina B. -- Biography; Bandong, Manuel P. -- Biography; Banzon, Oscar B. -- Biography; Banzuela, Jose A. -- Biography; Barbacena, Victoriano B. -- Biography; Barbasina, Angel G. -- Biography; Barbin, Concepcion M. -- Biography; Barcelona, Amparo I. -- Biography; Barcinas, Salvacion B. -- Biography; Baria, Ernesto B. -- Biography; Barias, Alfredo M. -- Biography; Baroma, Senen A. -- Biography; Barrameda, Bartolome B. -- Biography; Barrameda, Hilario B. -- Biography; Barrameda, Mariano B. -- Biography; Barrameda, Salvacion N. -- Biography; Barrameda, Teofila B. -- Biography; Barretto, Mariano O. -- Biography; Barroga, Agaton C. -- Biography; Barron, Angelito S. -- Biography; Barrota, Salome B. -- Biography; Barsaga, Eligio B. -- Biography; Bartilet, Romeo S. -- Biography; Bartolo, Avelino M. -- Biography; Basares, Edgar C. -- Biography; Basaysay, Vivencio B. -- Biography; Basco, Alfredo B. -- Biography; Bascuna, Antonio B. -- Biography; Bascuna, Ramon S. -- Biography; Bascuna, Remedios D. -- Biography; Bascuna, Sofia P. -- Biography; Baskinas, Bienvenida S. -- Biography; Bautista, Roberto C. -- Biography; Baybay, Domingo Jr. -- Biography; Bayrante, Agapito R. -- Biography; Bayrante, Paciencia -- Biography; Bea, Estrella B. -- Biography; Bedico, Salve S. -- Biography; Bedural, Eufemiano S. -- Biography; Bedural, Fe M. -- Biography; Begino, Rodrigo V. -- Biography; Bejo, Levita B. -- Biography; Belano, Roberto S. -- Biography; Belarmino, Sonia O. -- Biography; Belaro, Estrella B. -- Biography; Belen, Gloria B. -- Biography; Belen, Virginia B. -- Biography; Belen, Carolina B. -- Biography; Belen, David Ma. -- Biography; Belen, Eufemia M. -- Biography; Belen, Lourdes B. -- Biography; Belen, Lucila B. -- Biography; Belgica, Juan R. -- Biography; Bellen, Amparo B. -- Biography; Bellen, Antonio B. -- Biography; Bellen, Floro B. -- Biography; Belleza, Eladio R. -- Biography; Belleza, Jose V. -- Biography; Belleza, Nora C. -- Biography; Belmonte, Evelyn B. -- Biography; Belmonte, Salome I. -- Biography; Beloso, Nelly B. -- Biography; Beltran, Diomedes D. -- Biography; Beltrano, Helen O. -- Biography; Beluang, Alberto B. -- Biography; Beluang, Feloromo A. -- Biography; Beluang, Guadalupe A. -- Biography; Benaid, Rosa M. -- Biography; Benjamin, Tranquilino M. -- Biography; Bequia, Ester V. -- Biography; Bercasio, Josefa B. -- Biography; Berico, Lorenzo B. -- Biography; Beringuela, Gloria T. -- Biography; Bermejo, Sixto D. -- Biography; Bermudo, Alice Z. -- Biography; Bermudo, Rodolfo -- Biography; Bermundo, Lily D. -- Biography; Bernales, Eligio I. -- Biography; Bernales, Rachel E. -- Biography; Bernales, Remedios I. -- Biography; Bernardo, Pedro Jr. -- Biography; Bertillo, Pergrina A. -- Biography; Bes, Juan B. -- Biography; Besin, Rogelio B. -- Biography; Betito, Tobias B. -- Biography; Bibal, Remedios B. -- Biography; Bibares, Jennie B. -- Biography; Bien, Bonifacia R. -- Biography; Bigay, Exequiel -- Biography; Bigtas, Ma. Carmen O. -- Biography; Binalinbing, Elpidio Jr. -- Biography; Binas, Maximo S. -- Biography; Bines, Mariano -- Biography; Bisana, Luis P. -- Biography; Bisenio, Pilar B. -- Biography; Bismonte, Gilda B. -- Biography; Bismonte, Lucia B. -- Biography; Blasco, Lovida T. -- Biography; Bo, Alfonso B. -- Biography; Bobier, Ambrosio C. -- Biography; Bobiles, Salvador C. -- Biography; Bobis, Emerine P. -- Biography; Bobis, Ruperto B. -- Biography; Bolanos, Gregorio E. -- Biography; Bolivar, Lazaro B. -- Biography; Bolocon, Zenaida M. -- Biography; Bolo, Victoriano O. -- Biography; Bolivar, Antero M. -- Biography; Bolvar, Maxima V. -- Biography; Bolvar, Rolando V. -- Biography; Bombase, Lorenzo P. -- Biography; Bona, Genaro B. -- Biography; Bonacua, Simeon L. -- Biography; Bonaga, Carmen U. -- Biography; Boncacas, Emma B. -- Biography; Boncodin, Onofre C. -- Biography; Bonete, Ruperto C. -- Biography; Bongon, Florita E. -- Biography; Boni, Carlito R. -- Biography; Bonot, Aquilina M. -- Biography; Bonot, Luz B. -- Biography; Bonot, Vicente T. -- Biography; Bonsol, Araceli B. -- Biography; Bonto, Jose F. -- Biography; Boquiron, Marcos T. -- Biography; Borabo, Amado O. -- Biography; Borbor, Jaime C. -- Biography; Borbor, Ramon -- Biography; Borja, Edith -- Biography; Borja, Reynaldo P. -- Biography; Borja, Sebastian E. -- Biography; Borja, Eulalia P. -- Biography; Borja, Joaquin B. -- Biography; Borja, Violeta M. -- Biography; Bornas, Elizabeth -- Biography; Bornas, Pedro O. -- Biography; Borromeo, Elias O. -- Biography; Borromeo, Merlina S. -- Biography; Borromeo, Salvador N. -- Biography; Borromeo, Teodoro A. -- Biography; Bosito, Jose R. -- Biography; Brandes, Lourdes M. -- Biography; Brazal, Melquiades A. -- Biography; Breboneria, Maria B. -- Biography; Breboneria, Paulino B. -- Biography; Briones, Carlito S. -- Biography; Briones, Isidra L. -- Biography; Briones, Jose C. -- Biography; Briones, Julia C. -- Biography; Briones, Nemesio T. -- Biography; Brisenio, Lourdes B. -- Biography; Britanico, Francisco Del Rosario -- Biography; Brito, Domingo V. -- Biography; Brizo, aureo B. -- Biography; Brizuela, Jose P. -- Biography; Brizuela, Monserrat B. -- Biography; Brondial, Gregorio P. -- Biography; Brusas, Angelita C. -- Biography; Brusas, Pedro B. -- Biography; Brusola, Maximo B. -- Biography; Buban, Lylia B. -- Biography; Buena, Arsenio A. -- Biography; Buena, Fe R. -- Biography; Buena, Gonzalo S. -- Biography; Buena, Julian P. -- Biography; Buena, Lourdes B. -- Biography; Buena, marietta LL. -- Biography; Buena, Miriam B. -- Biography; Buenafe, Fanny G. -- Biography; Buenafe, Rodolfo M. -- Biography; Buenaflor, ana O. -- Biography; Buenagua, Cirila -- Biography; Buenaventura, Jose B. -- Biography; Bulao, Isidro D. -- Biography; Bulaong, Jose M. -- Biography; Bungay, Renato B. -- Biography; Bustamante, Paulina B. -- Biography; Cabaltea, Alejandro N. -- Biography; Cabanos, Rolando -- Biography; Cabase, Elizabeth T. -- Biography; Cabigao, JacK A. -- Biography; Cabral, Alfredo A. -- Biography; Cabredo, Mariano -- Biography; Cabredo, Cesar B. -- Biography; Cabredo, Corazon C. -- Biography; Cabredo, Josefa B. -- Biography; Cabrera, Feliciana M. -- Biography; Cabrera, Jose M., Jr. -- Biography; Cabrera, Paulino A. -- Biography; Caceres, Milagros, C. -- Biography; Caceres, Roger H. -- Biography; Cadag, Estrella O. -- Biography; Cadiz, Jose L. -- Biography; Cadores, Lourdes -- Biography; Cadores, Remedios -- Biography; Cajot, Anastacio C. -- Biography; Cajucom, Romeo O. -- Biography; Calayca, Guillermo O. -- Biography; Caleta, Guillermo B. -- Biography; Callanta, Antonio V. -- Biography; Calleja, Adan I. -- Biography; Calleja, Encarnacion M. -- Biography; Callo, Corazon V. -- Biography; Callo, Precilla R. -- Biography; Calzo, Lino A. -- Biography; Camacho, Benigno V. -- Biography; Campana, Raquel D. -- Biography; Campomanes, Martina L. -- Biography; Camposano, Ramon C. -- Biography; Canet, Manuel A. -- Biography; Canafe, Godofredo C. -- Biography; Canizo, Anastacio P., Jr. -- Biography; Candia, Ricardo G., Jr. -- Biography; Canet, David Z. -- Biography; Cano, Amado D. -- Biography; Cano, Rebecca A. -- Biography; Cantela, Rodrigo R. -- Biography; Cantor, Edilberto C. -- Biography; Cantor, Jesus S. -- Biography; Capistrano, Lilia P. -- Biography; Capuz, Andres C. -- Biography; Capuz, Ismael C. -- Biography; Carandang, Teresita C. -- Biography; Carino, Bonifacio B. -- Biography; Carino, Corazon De Jesus -- Biography; Carino, Gloria J. -- Biography; Carino, Manuel B. -- Biography; Carino, Rogelio C. -- Biography; Carino, Francisco C. -- Biography; Carpio, Teodorico S. -- Biography; Carranza, Francisco E. -- Biography; Cartano, Aurelio M. -- Biography; Carumba, Rufino P. -- Biography; Casano, Teresita V. -- Biography; Casile, Jacob A. -- Biography; Casin, Angeles V. -- Biography; Castaneda, Amadeo -- Biography; Castillo, Carlos G. -- Biography; Castillo, Pedro C. -- Biography; Castro, Crisanto T., Jr. -- Biography; Castroverde, Jerly B. -- Biography; Catangui, Josefin G. -- Biography; Catangui, Wilfredo -- Biography; Catimbang, Adelaida L. -- Biography; Catimbang, Basilio M -- Biography; Catipon, Pilar P. -- Biography; Catura, Quintin -- Biography; Cavite, Quintin D. -- Biography; Cayetano, Emmanuel C. -- Biography; Cayetano, Ernesto F. -- Biography; Cayetano, Henry F. -- Biography; Cayetano, Nora T. -- Biography; Cea, Ester S. -- Biography; Celerino, Molleda V. -- Biography; Celos, Angeles V. -- Biography; Centenera, Nena E. -- Biography; Cerdenia, Pedro G., Jr. -- Biography; Ceriola, Jesus T. -- Biography; Chavez, Cresenciano J. -- Biography; Chavez, Genara C. -- Biography; Chavez, Jordan M., Jr. -- Biography; Chavez, Zenaida R. -- Biography; Chica, Adelfa B. -- Biography; Chica, Judith P. -- Biography; Chica, Myriam A. -- Biography; Chua Cok Yeng -- Biography; Cirujano, Amador F. -- Biography; Claro, Victoria A. -- Biography; Claros, Salve B. -- Biography; Clasio, Nicanor S. -- Biography; Claveria, Jaime A. -- Biography; Claveria, Sebastian A. -- Biography; Clavo, Rosario De Castro -- Biography; Cledera, Augusto O. -- Biography; Cledera, Erwin O. -- Biography; Cledera, Florentino R. -- Biography; Cledera, Fred P. -- Biography; Cledoro, Jose P. -- Biography; Cledra, Armando B. -- Biography; Clemente, Leoncio M. -- Biography; Cleofe, Joaquin C. -- Biography; Clutario, Oriel C. -- Biography; Collantes, Godofredo N. -- Biography; Colo, Nicomedes S. -- Biography; Colorina, Domingo B. -- Biography; Competente, Amador B. -- Biography; Competente, Herminio M. -- Biography; Compuesto, Ely S. -- Biography; Conde, Adam B. -- Biography; Constancio, Ramon I. -- Biography; Consulta, Rosario C. -- Biography; Contreras, Arthur N. -- Biography; Contreras,Federita R. -- Biography; Cordillo, Neny G. -- Biography; Cordis, Pedro A. -- Biography; Coreaje, Noeca A. -- Biography; Cornelio, Leonor A. -- Biography; Cornelio, Sinforoso A. -- Biography; Coronado, Nelly S. -- Biography; Corporal, Eduardo R. -- Biography; Corporal, Politico R. -- Biography; Corpus, Augusto P. -- Biography; Corrioso, Benjamin N. -- Biography; Cortes, Gaspar M. -- Biography; Cortes, Guadalupe A. -- Biography; Cortes, Rodolfo S. -- Biography; Cortez, Antonio M, -- Biography; Cortez, Loreto L. -- Biography; Cortez, Socorro B. -- Biography; Cortezano, Eliodoro S. -- Biography; Corullo, Alfredo C. -- Biography; Cosa, Reynaldo R. -- Biography; Crescini, Elena P. -- Biography; Crescini, Teodorico N. -- Biography; Crisostomo, Benjamin M. -- Biography; Cruel, Mariano -- Biography; Cruz, Ronulfo J. -- Biography; Cuadro, Beda P. -- Biography; Cuevas, Bonifacio M. -- Biography; Culturo, Felix C. -- Biography; Curioso, Eutiquia R. -- Biography; Dacanay, Severo A., Jr. -- Biography; Dacer, Mercy N. -- Biography; Dacoco, Corazon C. -- Biography; Daen, Juan D. -- Biography; Danabar, Emilio S. -- Biography; Dapilos, Ariston A. -- Biography; Dato, Remedios E. -- Biography; Dato, Vicente I. -- Biography; David, Damaso -- Biography; Dayao, Leonardo V., Jr. -- Biography; De Asis, Felicisimo G. -- Biography; De Castro, Lumen M. -- Biography; De Castro, Lumen J. -- Biography; Decena, Jose B. -- Biography; Decena, Simplicio B. -- Biography; De Dios, Andres B. -- Biography; De Guzman, Mariano -- Biography; De Guzman, Mariano V. -- Biography; De Hitta, Jose F. -- Biography; De Jesus, Dolores A. -- Biography; De Jesus, Ernesto C. -- Biography; De Jesus, Justino G. -- Biography; De Leon, Adonis N. -- Biography; De Leon, Artemio A. -- Biography; De Leon, Dominador -- Biography; De Leon, Jovita J. -- Biography; De Leon, Luis N. -- Biography; De Leon, Mariano E. -- Biography; De Leon, Mariano S. -- Biography; De Leon, Valentin C. -- Biography; De Luna, Julio P. -- Biography; Delima, Manuel B. -- Biography; Delima, Salvador C. -- Biography; Delloro, Ludovico R. -- Biography; De Paula, Simeona R. -- Biography; De Vera, Leonora C. -- Biography; Del Castillo, Carlos G. -- Biography.

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