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  Book Filipino women writers and their works.

Manila: National Centennial Commission-Women Sector, 1999.

Subject: Alaras, Consolacion R. -- Biography; Alfon, Estrella D. -- Biography; Alzona, Encarnacion A. -- Biography; Amansec, Lilia P. -- Biography; Amores, Irene D. -- Biography; Ancheta, Agustina T. -- Biography; Angeles, Belen B. -- Biography; Antonio, Lilia F. -- Biography; Aquino, Francisca R. -- Biography; Arceo, Liwayway A. -- Biography; Arellano, Clarita A -- Biography; Arlante, Salvacion M. -- Biography; Arquilla, Lydia V. -- Biography; Arriola, Fe Maria C. -- Biography; Aspillera, Paraluman S. -- Biography; Asuncion, Amparo R. -- Biography; Atienza, Maria Fe G. -- Biography; Avenir, Prescilla G. -- Biography; Badillo, Rustica D. -- Biography; Bagtas, Cynthia F. -- Biography; Baltazar, Rita G. -- Biography; Barrios, Ma. Josephine. -- Biography; Batnag, Aurora E. -- Biography; Bautista, Lualhati T. -- Biography; Bautista, Magdalena B. -- Biography; Bautista, Maria Lourdes S. -- Biography; Bauzon, Ma. Josefine V. -- Biography; Belardo, Luz O. -- Biography; Bellen, Evelyn -- Biography; Benitez,Paz M. -- Biography; Berthelsen, Nita U -- Biography; Bobis, Merlinda C. -- Biography; Bonifacio, Amelia L. -- Biography; Bragado, Erlinda H. -- Biography; Brainard, Cecilia M. -- Biography; Cabanero, angelica A. -- Biography; Cabral, Nerissa E. -- Biography; Calixto, Julia. -- Biography; Caminong, Maria M. -- Biography; Cammayo, Ines T -- Biography; Campos, Felicisima T. -- Biography; Carague, Ofelia M -- Biography; Carino, Maria Luisa A. -- Biography; Carlos, Andrea P. -- Biography; Casper, Linda T. -- Biography; Castano, Paulina M. -- Biography; Castelo, Lea T. -- Biography; Castillo, Gelia T. -- Biography; Castrence, Pura S -- Biography; Castro, Corazon O. -- Biography; Castro, Jovita V. -- Biography; Castro, Rosalina I -- Biography; Churchill, Bernadita R. -- Biography; Clemena, Rose Marie S. -- Biography; Co, Siopin L. -- Biography; Concepcion, Mercedes B. -- Biography; Constantino, Josefina D. -- Biography; Cordero, Erlinda A -- Biography; Coronel, Sheila S. -- Biography; Corpuz, Clara O. -- Biography; Cortes, Irene R. -- Biography; Coscolluela, Elsa M. -- Biography; Coseteng, Alicia L. -- Biography; Cruz, Felicidad de Jesus -- Biography; Cruz, Gemma Teresa G. -- Biography; Cruz, Jhoanna Lynn B. -- Biography; Cruz, Neni Sta. Romana. -- Biography; Cruz, Patricia M. -- Biography; Cruz, Prudenciana C. -- Biography; Cruz, Victoria Paz -- Biography; Cuyegkeng, Trinindad C. -- Biography; Dakila, Cristela G. -- Biography; Daroy, Ester V. -- Biography; David, Lourdes T. -- Biography; David, Rina J. -- Biography; Dayrit, Joy T -- Biography; Dayrit, Marina G -- Biography; Daza, Julie Y. -- Biography; De Dios, Aurora J. -- Biography; De Guzman, Susana C. -- Biography; De Joya, Petra Rosal -- Biography; De Santos, Sofia B. -- Biography; Autobiography -- Women authors; Women authors -- Philippines -- Biography.

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  Book A diary of great Filipino men and women.

by Coralejo, Enrique F.; Quezon City: FNB Educational, 1998.

Subject: Ablan, Roque. -- Biography; Abueva, Napoleon V. -- Biography; Adonay, Marcelo -- Biography; Adriatico, Macario G. -- Biography; Africa, Candido M -- Biography; Agoncillo, Felipe -- Biography; Agoncillo, Marcela -- Biography; Aguinaldo, Crispulo -- Biography; Aguinaldo, Emilio. -- Biography; Albert, Alejandro. -- Biography; Alcaraz, Oscar Y. -- Biography; Aldana, Benigno V. -- Biography; Alejandrino, Jose. -- Biography; Alonzo, Teodora -- Biography; Alvarez, Santiago. -- Biography; Ambubuyog, Roselle -- Biography; Amorsolo, Fernando C -- Biography; Amorsolo, Pablo -- Biography; Aquino, Benigno S., Jr. -- Biography; Aquino, Corazon C -- Biography; Aquino, Francisca R. -- Biography; Aquino, Melchora -- Biography; Aquino, Servillano -- Biography; Araneta, Salvador -- Biography; Arcellana, Francisco -- Biography; Arellano, Arcadio -- Biography; Arellano, Cayetano. -- Biography; Arellano, Deodato -- Biography; Arevalo, Bonifacio -- Biography; Arguilla, Lydia -- Biography; Avancena, Ramon Q.Biography; Avellana, Lamberto V. -- Biography; Balmori, Jesus -- Biography; Baltazar, Francisco -- Biography; Bantug, Jose -- Biography; Banzon, Julian A. -- Biography; Basa, Cesar -- Biography; Basa, Jose Maria -- Biography; Basa, Roman -- Biography; Bautista, Ambrosio R. -- Biography; Benitez,Conrado F. -- Biography; Benitez, Francisca T. -- Biography; Benitez, Helena Z -- Biography; Benitez,Paz M. -- Biography; Bernabe, Manuel -- Biography; Bocobo, Jorge Cleofas. -- Biography; Bonifacio, Andres -- Biography; Buencamino, Felipe Jr. -- Biography; Buencamino, Felipe Sr. -- Biography; Buencamino, Francisco Sr. -- Biography; Bukaneg, Pedro. -- Biography; Bulig, Sajid S. -- Biography; Bulosan, Carlos. -- Biography; Burgos, Jose. -- Biography; Cabili, Tomas. -- Biography; Cailes, Juan -- Biography; Cailles, Jacinta Z. -- Biography; Calderon, Felipe -- Biography; Caluya, Claro -- Biography; Castaneda, Dominador. -- Biography; Castro, Remigio M -- Biography; Claudio, Tomas. -- Biography; Climaco, R. C. -- (Rafael Cesar) -- Biography; Collantes, Florentino -- Biography; Conchu, Agapito -- Biography; Confessor, Tomas V. -- Biography; Canon, Fernando. -- Biography; Cortes, Irene R. -- Biography; Crisostomo, Mariano -- Biography; Daguio, Amador T. -- Biography; De Jesus, Benjamin. -- Biography; De Jesus, Gregoria -- Biography; De Jesus, Jose Corazon P. -- Biography; De Leon, Felipe P. -- Biography; De Leon, Gerardo -- Biography; De Leon, Narcisa B. -- Biography; De Luna, Carmen -- Biography; De Veyra, Jaime -- Biography; Del Espiritu Santo, Francisca -- Biography; Del Mundo, Salvador -- Biography; Del Pan, Rafael -- Biography; Del Pilar, Gregorio -- Biography; Del Pilar, Marcelo H -- Biography; Del Pilar, Pio -- Biography; Filipinos -- Biography.

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  Book Sulong Pilipina! sulong Pilipinas : a compilation of Filipino women centennial awardees.

Manila: National Centennial Commission-Women Sector, 1999.

Subject: Abiertas, Josefa. -- Biography; Ablan, Manuela R. -- Biography; Agrava, Corazon J. -- Biography; Alabado, Ceres S.C. -- Biography; Albert, Leticia T. -- Biography; Alconcel, Soledad A. -- Biography; Alday, Lucina C. -- Biography; Alfon, Estrella D. -- Biography; Almeda-Lopez, Natividad -- Biography; Almirante, Corazon Y. -- Biography; Alpas, Rosalina M. -- Biography; Altuna, Marina D. -- Biography; Alvero, Rosa S. -- Biography; Alzate, Lea B. -- Biography; Alzona, Encarnacion A. -- Biography; Ambrosio, Josefina P. -- Biography; Ambubuyog, Roselle -- Biography; Anitan, Conegunda -- Biography; Antonio, Magnolia W. -- Biography; Aquino, Corazon C -- Biography; Aquino, Melchora -- Biography; Aquino, Sonia -- Biography; Aranilla, Leticia B. -- Biography; Arceo, Liwayway A. -- Biography; Arevalo, Natividad S. -- Biography; Asensio, Fides S. -- Biography; Aunor, Nora -- Biography; Avellana, Daisy H. -- Biography; Avencilla, Angeles M. -- Biography; Azurin, Matilde G. -- Biography; Baduel, Concesa M. -- Biography; Bagatsing, Juanita S. -- Biography; Balbon, Rosa B. -- Biography; Bamba, Agustina R. -- Biography; Barbers,Regina Z. -- Biography; Barredo, Maniya -- Biography; Barros, Maria Lorena -- Biography; Bausa, Griselda Justiniana G. -- Biography; Bauzon, Ma. Josefina V. -- Biography; Belardo, Luz O. -- Biography; Benitez, Francisca T. -- Biography; Benitez, Helena Z -- Biography; Benitez, Joanna De Asis. -- Biography; Benitez, Regina G. -- Biography; Bitanga, Rosario De Lara -- Biography; Bondoc, Rosario D. -- Biography; Bonicillo, Amparo Q. -- Biography; Braid, Florangel R. -- Biography; Buduy, Kahhimngan P. -- Biography; Cagulada, Ma.Agripina B. -- Biography; Caniza, Corazon A. -- Biography; Capistrano, Josefa B. -- Biography; Carino, Maria Luisa A. -- Biography; Carpena, Maria Evangelista -- Biography; Castillo, Gelia T. -- Biography; Castrence, Pura S -- Biography; Castro, Nieves P. -- Biography; Chiongbian, Felisa Y. -- Biography; Clavano,Natividad R. -- Biography; Climaco, Isabel C. -- Biography; Cojuangco, Lualhati A. -- Biography; Cortejo, Dorie D. -- Biography; Cortes, Irene R. -- Biography; Coo, Bong -- Biography; Coseteng, Anna Dominique -- Biography; Crisologo, Carmeling P. -- Biography; Crisologo, Ernestina L. -- Biography; David, Katrina C. -- Biography; De Ayala, Margarita R. -- Biography; De Castro, Socorro G. -- Biography; De Dios, Aurora J. -- Biography; Defensor, Miriam S. -- Biography; De Guzman, Leticia P -- Biography; De Guzman, Susana C. -- Biography; De Guzman, Vision H. -- Biography; De Jesus, Gregoria -- Biography; De Leon, Corazon Alma G. -- Biography; De Leon, Medina L. -- Biography; De Leon, Narcisa B. -- Biography; Deles, Teresita Q. -- Biography; Delmendo, Medina M. -- Biography; De Veyra, Sofia R. -- Biography; Del Espiritu Santo, Francisca -- Biography; Del Mundo, Fe V. -- Biography; Women -- Awards -- Biography.

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  Book Outstanding leaders of the Philippines.

Manila: Asia Research Systems,Inc., 1980.

Subject: Abat, Fortunato U. -- Biography; Abellera, Samuel O. -- Biography; Abello, Emilio M., Sr. -- Biography; Abello, Jose Ma. -- Biography; Abello, Manuel G. -- Biography; Abreu, Belen H. -- Biography; Acosta, Antonio N. -- Biography; Adamson, Lucas George -- Biography; Adriano, Lope E. -- Biography; Adriano, Reynaldo A. -- Biography; Agbayani, Aguedo F. -- Biography; Agcaoili, Alfonso V. -- Biography; Agrava, Corazon J. -- Biography; Agustin, Leovillo C. -- Biography; Agustines, Manuel U. -- Biography; Alabastro, Edgardo G. -- Biography; Alafriz, Arturo A. -- Biography; Alampay, Nestor B. -- Biography; Alba, Manuel S. -- Biography; Albano, Reneo A. -- Biography; Albarracin, Magdaleno B., Jr. -- Biography; Albarracin, Narciso B. -- Biography; Alberto, Jose M. -- Biography; Alcala, Anacleto C -- Biography; Alcantara, Conrado -- Biography; Alcantara, Nicasio I. -- Biography; Aldaba, Dalisay J. -- Biography; Aldaba-Lim, Estefania -- Biography; Alejandrino, Jose M. -- Biography; Alfon, Estrella D. -- Biography; Alicbusan, Leopoldo C. -- Biography; Alindada, Carlos R. -- Biography; Alinea, Amadeo G. -- Biography; Alinea, Estanislao G., Jr. -- Biography; Almazor, Pedro M. -- Biography; Almendras, Alejandro D. -- Biography; Alvarez-Recio, Emilio -- Biography; Alvenida, Carmelino G. -- Biography; Amador, Zeneida A. -- Biography; Amante, Edelmiro A. -- Biography; Anastacio, Roberto V -- Biography; Ancheta, Herminia M. -- Biography; Ancheta, Reuben B. -- Biography; Andaya, Antonio P. -- Biography; Ang Ping, Felix -- Biography; Ang Ping, Jerry -- Biography; Ang, Ting Ling -- Biography; Angeles, Edgardo H. -- Biography; Anonuevo, Manuel G. -- Biography; Antonio, Adelbert W. -- Biography; Antonio, Felix Q. -- Biography; Antonio, Gaudencio W., Jr. -- Biography; Antonio, Rufino D. -- Biography; Aquino, Carolina G. -- Biography; Aquino, Conrado P. -- Biography; Aquino, Melchor P. -- Biography; Aquino, Ramon C. -- Biography; Aquino, Rogelio A. -- Biography; Aragon, Gloria T. -- Biography; Arambulo, Joaquin S. -- Biography; Arambulo, Miguel L., Sr. -- Biography; Araneta, J. Antonio -- Biography; Araneta, Johnny M. -- Biography; Araneta, Jorge L. -- Biography; Araneta, Luis Ma. -- Biography; Araque, Pablo A. -- Biography; Arellano, Otilio A. -- Biography; Arguelles, Carlos D. -- Biography; Armovit, Raymundo A. -- Biography; Arnaldo, Rafael A. -- Biography; Arreglado, Juan. -- Biography; Ascalon, Policarpio L. -- Biography; Aspiras, Jose D. -- Biography; Asuncion, Elias B. -- Biography; Atienza, Arturo B. -- Biography; Atizado, Adrian A. -- Biography; Avecilla, Antonio N. -- Biography; Avellana, Daisy H. -- Biography; Avellana, Lamberto V. -- Biography; Aventura, Avenilo P. -- Biography; Ayala, Jesus V. -- Biography; Ayllon, Vicente R -- Biography; Aytona, Dominador R -- Biography; Azurin, Jesus C. -- Biography; Babst, Chester G. -- Biography; Bacungan, Froilan M. -- Biography; Bagatsing, Ramon D -- Biography; Balatbat, Marcelo S. -- Biography; Balgos, Marcial O. T. -- Biography; Balmori, Rodolfo C. -- Biography; Banson, Onofre B. -- Biography; Barba, Ramon C. -- Biography; Barbero, Carmelo Z. -- Biography; Barcelon, Augusto M. -- Biography; Barredo, Jose M. -- Biography; Barrera, Oscar A. -- Biography; Barrera, Sergio A. -- Biography; Barretto, Eduardo M. -- Biography; Barretto, Jose M. -- Biography; Barretto, Gregory T. -- Biography; Barrios, Victor S. -- Biography; Bartolome, Zoilo M. -- Biography; Batalla, Apolonio M. -- Biography; Bautista, Constantino -- Biography; Bautista, Mary C. -- Biography; Bauza, Teodolfo G. -- Biography; Belen, Minerva I. -- Biography; Bella, Rodrigo H. -- Biography; Belo, Enrique M. -- Biography; Benedicto, Julita C. -- Biography; Benedicto, Roberto S. -- Biography; Bengzon, Jose F.S. -- Biography; Bengzon, Jose P. -- Biography; Benitez, Helena Z -- Biography; Benitez, Jose Conrado B. -- Biography; Bernardino, Felicita G. -- Biography; Bigornia, Jesus E. -- Biography; Billote, Juanito H. -- Biography; Blaylock, Concepcion F. -- Biography; Bonoan, Martin P. -- Biography; Borromeo, Jesus N. -- Biography; Botelho, Luisita P. -- Biography; Braga, Agapito S. -- Biography; Brasseur, William -- Biography; Brimo, Henry Anthony -- Biography; Brinas, Amado R. -- Biography; Briones, Abraham F. -- Biography; Buenaventura, Antonio -- Biography; Buenaventura, Cesar A. -- Biography; Buenaventura, Guillermo R. -- Biography; Busran, Mama D. -- Biography; Cabangbang, Bartolome C. -- Biography; Cabanos, Esteban B. -- Biography; Cabarrus, Jacob E. -- Biography; Cabarrus, Jesus S. -- Biography; Cabochan, Gerardo P. -- Biography; Cabrera, Benjamin D. -- Biography; Caccam, Pio E. -- Biography; Calalang, Alfonso -- Biography; Calderon, Felipe P. -- Biography; Callejo, Carlos S. -- Biography; Camacho, Mario D. -- Biography; Camara, Augusto A. -- Biography; Campos, Cesar V. -- Biography; Campos, Paulo C. -- Biography; Campos, Ramon K. -- Biography; Camus, Quirico S. -- Biography; Canlas, Aber P. -- Biography; Canlas, Paterno R. -- Biography; Canoy, Reuben R. -- Biography; Canso, Leticia E. -- Biography; Caparas, M. A. T. -- Biography; Caram, Fermin Z., Jr. -- Biography; Carangal, Virgilio R. -- Biography; Carceller, Jose Ramon -- Biography; Cardenas, Ramon B. -- Biography; Carlos, Juan J. -- Biography; Caro, Carmen P. -- Biography; Carpio, Augusto Y. -- Biography; Carpio, Jose A. -- Biography; Carpo, Morris G. -- Biography; Casimiro, Alfonso V. -- Biography; Castaneda, Constancio E. -- Biography; Castillo, Andres V. -- Biography; Castillo, Bellaflor A -- Biography; Castillo, Gregorio R. -- Biography; Castrillo,Eduardo -- Biography; Castro, Dakila F. -- Biography; Castro, Isabelo R. -- Biography; Castro, Jones M., Jr. -- Biography; Castro, Jose L. -- Biography; Castro, Pacifico A. -- Biography; Catan, Gonzalo D., Jr. -- Biography; Catenza, Graciano P., Jr. -- Biography; Catolico, Paz M. -- Biography; Catubig, Luis C. -- Biography; Cauton, Lucas V. -- Biography; Cayabyab, Raymundo P. -- Biography; Cendana, Gregorio S. -- Biography; Cenzon, Pedro D. -- Biography; Cervantes, Francisco N. -- Biography; Cervantes, Modesto N. -- Biography; Chan, Antonio -- Biography; Chan, Jose Mari L. -- Biography; Chikiamco, Paterno S. -- Biography; Ching, Esperanza R. -- Biography; Chiong, Daniel -- Biography; Chu, Carlos B.T. -- Biography; Chua, Ramon L. -- Biography; Chua, Santos C. -- Biography; Chua, Vicente L. -- Biography; Chuason, Samuel S. -- Biography; Cinches, Miguel C. -- Biography; Cinco, Jovencio F. -- Biography; Clave, Jacobo C. -- Biography; Clemente, Arturo O. -- Biography; Climaco, Cesar C. -- Biography; Co Liong Giok -- Biography; Co Liong Sian -- Biography; Co, Ramon Y. -- Biography; Collantes, Manuel. -- Biography; Comia, Julian M. -- Biography; Concepcion, Hermogenes Jr., -- Biography; Concepcion, Jose S., Jr. -- Biography; Concio, Cesar R., Jr. -- Biography; Concon, Gregorio A. -- Biography; Congco, Eliodoro D. -- Biography; Consing, Francisco T. -- Biography; Constantino, Antonio F. -- Biography; Consunji, David M. -- Biography; Consunji, Isidro A. -- Biography; Consunji, Victor A. -- Biography; Coquia, Jorge R. -- Biography; Cordero, Paciente A. -- Biography; Coronado, Eustaquio D. -- Biography; Cortes, Irene R. -- Biography; Cortez, Justiniano P -- Biography; Coseteng, Emerson T. -- Biography; Crisol, Jose M. -- Biography; Cristobal, Adrian E. -- Biography; Cruces, Francisco R. -- Biography; Cruz, Cesar C. -- Biography; Cruz, Felipe F. -- Biography; Cruz, Jose A. -- Biography; Cruz, Jose V., Jr. -- Biography; Cruz, Lourdes J. -- Biography; Cruz, Lourdes L. -- Biography; Cruz, Pedro M. -- Biography; Cruz, Roman A., Jr. -- Biography; Cue, Ernesto M. -- Biography; Cuenca, Roberto S. -- Biography; Cuenca, Rodolfo M. -- Biography; Cuneta, Pablo P. -- Biography; Cuyegkeng, Andres -- Biography; Cuyegkeng, Jose -- Biography; Dacanay, Jaime C. -- Biography; Dalusong, Antonio C. -- Biography; Dans, Jose P., Jr. -- Biography; Darvin, Perfecto T. -- Biography; Datumanong, Simeon A -- Biography; Dayrit, Conrado S -- Biography; Daza, Gabriel A -- Biography; De Aboitiz, Cosme Ma. -- Biography; De Castro, Pacifico P. -- Biography; Dee, Francisco B. -- Biography; Dee, Peter S. -- Biography; Dee, Robert -- Biography; Dee, Ronald G. -- Biography; De Guzman, Leticia P -- Biography; De Guzman, Sixto T.J., Jr. -- Biography; De Ibazeta, Juan -- Biography; De Jesus, Bienvenido C. -- Biography; De Leon, Augusto L. -- Biography; De Leon, Felipe P. -- Biography; De Leon, Jorge L. -- Biography; De Leon, Medina L. -- Biography; Delgado, Antonio C. -- Biography; De Luzuriaga, Caludio R., Jr. -- Biography; De Luzuriaga, Eduardo R. -- Biography; De Ocampo, Geminiano T -- Biography; De Ocampo, Jose V. -- Biography; De Ocampo, Pacifico -- Biography; De Santos, Alejandro F. -- Biography; De Venecia, Jose Jr -- Biography; De Venecia, Oscar C. -- Biography; De Veyra, Jesus R. -- Biography; De Villa, Alberto F. -- Biography; De Villa, Cecilio S. -- Biography; Mundo, Fe del. -- Biography; Men -- Biography; Women -- Biography; Philippines -- Biography.

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